The New, Slender Bride-To-Be!

The New, Slender Bride-To-Be!

How the Secret to Weight Loss May Be All in Your Head
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Upon your engagement just six months earlier, you knew that you had to reach an important goal before your wedding day: lose 25 pounds. Years of yo-yo dieting have clearly failed and you not only want to take off the weight, you want to keep it off. Fortunately, a change in your exercise regimen has helped as has a change in your diet. The biggest help, however, has come in the form of a nice kick to your metabolism — something that has ultimately spelled the difference between wearing a size 12 wedding dress and that gorgeous Empire period size 8 gown you had your eyes on. You can achieve sustainable weight loss too; read on and we’ll take a look at just how you can meet your goals.

Your fiancé loves you just as you are and, truthfully, he could stand to lose some weight too. With a new rock on your finger and a calendar laid open before you, no sooner have you uttered “yes” to his proposal that you begin to plan for your big day. 183 days to your wedding and you are as much concerned about losing weight as you are about finding the reception hall, ordering flowers, selecting bridesmaids, planning your honeymoon, and doing the many other things that must be done before you say, “I do.”

Your previous attempts to lose weight and keep it off have failed. What those earlier weight loss plans failed to take into consideration was your body’s metabolism, that internal clock that controls just how efficiently food is burned. Many people have discovered that their body’s metabolism is not working as hard as it could to do its part to promote effective weight loss. To help matters out, a comprehensive program has been developed by weight loss experts which can direct the body to clean itself of detrimental internal toxins.

Any successful weight management strategy must offer pleasant to the taste shakes or soups to go with the powders and capsules that help ratchet up your metabolism. Importantly, these types of plans allow for you to eat one comprehensive and sensible meal on most days based on the foods you select, not what has been delivered to you in some sort of food package. Gone is the restrictive requirement that you select a meal that is bland and boring or be forced into choosing expensive planned meals created by weight management companies to pad their wallets. You only end up feeling hungry and dissatisfied with those meal plans!

Successful weight loss plans are not imposed on dieters, instead they work with the specific needs of every person. A plan as short as 9 days in length can help anyone lose those extra five pounds that are the most difficult to get rid of. A 30 day plan is ideal for the person who needs to lose more weight, but have that weight loss spread out over time. For anyone planning a wedding that is months away, the longer plan is most ideal and it can be repeated again and again until the desired weight loss effects have been achieved.

Most importantly, a cleansing program should be something that works with the body not against it. Who needs to feel crampy and out-of-sorts with a harsh and possibly dangerous laxative? A cleansing system that aids in good digestion without sapping energy or making you feel miserable is the only way to go. Besides, you are planning your wedding day not your execution!

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