ght Loss – Psychology and Weight Loss

Weight Loss – Psychology and Weight Loss

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No matter how hard you try to lose weight, if you don’t see things the way you should, most likely you will face failure over and over again. Aside from dietitians and nutritionists who are focused on developing weight loss plans, psychologists also have something to say, and these thoughts play vital roles in a fast and successful weight loss program.

Steer away from thinking you’re obese

Let’s say you really are obese. Will thinking about it over and over again do any good? Probably not. It will just frustrate you and make you more disappointed with yourself. It will just pressure you to think for fast and effective ways to slim down, which usually leads up to wrong methods. Psychologists say that most obese individuals tend to feed their minds with negative thoughts, especially about their weight. Nevertheless, you can still take control by being firm to mental rules such as “it’s not allowed to think of myself as a fat monster.”

Balance the health benefit and the taste

One common problem when losing weight is the selection of your new lifetime menu. Most healthy foods don’t have that interesting tingly taste that colorful and tempting foods have. Thus, you may find it difficult to adjust. The answer to this is simple – attune the two pans on a beam balance. Don’t focus on thoughts like “this food I’m eating now just doesn’t taste good.” instead, feed your body and mind with a slightly positive thought like “doesn’t taste that good, but is very healthy… fair enough.”

Praise your achievements

This is one important yet highly disregarded part of every diet program. Whether or not you lose a lot of weight, it’s best to praise your achievements. Don’t expect others to comment on you getting thin, when you yourself don’t even notice it. This psychological issue also requires rewards. Of course, the praising will never be complete without small-time rewards. Treat yourself once in a while with a savvy restaurants and indulge on the food you used to eat. This way, you won’t be too stressed out with losing weight.

Daily reminder

You may be fed up with negative thoughts about being fat and all but you should never forget to remind yourself every day about your goal; which is not simply to be thin, or pretty, but more to that, to be healthy. Research shows that deep yet equally shallow thoughts like this are very effective in making you achieve your goals.

In every diet plan, your body should cooperate well with your plans. Furthermore, you should also provide all the needs of your system in order for it to perform well, such as eating energy bars to gain extra power for a more intense workout. But aside from that, you should also get your mind and subconscious cooperate. Through this, staying healthy and shedding some fats won’t be a big deal for you anymore.

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